Book Bob Kelley For Your Event

Robert (Bob) W. Kelley, American trial lawyer and high profile advocate for people facing powerful corporate foes, shares his message with audiences of every sort.

Among Bob’s topics, developed from front lines courtroom battles against America’s largest companies and insurers, are:

  • The Horrific Social Consequences of Tort “Reform”
  • Hidden Dangers of Highway Construction Zones
  • New Legislation Secretly Designed to Geld Consumers
  • An Insider’s Look at the Medical Malpractice Epidemic

And Other Topics always including a “What you can (and should) do about it” finish from this high authority advocate for the people.

Every American has a personal stake in product and driving safety, patient rather than profit focus in healthcare and the Constitutional right to hold people and companies of any size accountable for misconduct or negligence in a court of law – the topic of Bob’s keynote at the Annual Mensa Conference.

Robert W. Kelley is represented by Elite Lawyer Management. To book Bob for your event or for more information:  or 888.787.2246.