Whistleblower nurse: I would do anything and everything not to be a patient there

by Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper 360

Nurse Briana Aguirre works at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, though her future there is now uncertain. That’s because she is speaking out about what she says she’s seen and experienced during the treatment of Ebola patient Thomas Duncan and others. She speaks to Anderson with her attorney Bob Kelly. Ms. Aguirre describes chaos, a lack of training, confusing protocols from the CDC and unnecessary risks that she says the nurses were exposed to on the job.

Briana describes how she wore Ebola protective gear that covered most of her body in two or three layers of plastic, but left her neck exposed.

She went on to claim that two weeks into the hospital’s Ebola crisis, nurses like her did not have the same level of protection as sanitation workers at the hospital.

Briana says she is tired of the hospital ‘blaming the nurses for being sick.’

Briana Aguirre and her attorney raised concerns about whether she would still have her job after the interview. AC360 received a statement from Texas Health Presbyterian saying:

“Her employment status is the same today as it was yesterday. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about her observations when she is willing.”