Did Your Auto or Motorcycle Injury Happen in a Highway Construction Zone?

Bob Kelley knows how devastating a highway construction-related accident can be, and he is uniquely equipped to advocate for victims and their families who are left to deal with the aftermath.

Any experienced driver knows that construction zones can create countless hazards and uncertainty in on already-dangerous stretches of highway.  Almost all are aware, some have witnessed, and a great many have suffered the tragedy of a construction zone traffic accident. 

The unique steps that come next for construction zone auto or motorcycle accidents, including recovering from those responsible (there are a surprising number of parties here) for property damage, pain, and financial loss, require the assistance of experienced construction zone accident counsel. 

Bob Kelley is that counsel, and he and his investigative team have the experience and skills necessary to fully recover on the financial side for his clients while they focus on healing.

If you have been harmed by negligently placed construction signs, no signs at all, poor construction zone design, hazardous road conditions caused by a work zone, you should know two things: (1) You are not alone, and (2) Bob Kelley’s team can help. 

You Are Not Alone – Highway Construction Accidents Are a Nationwide Problem

Recently, we analyzed national highway work zone accident statistics and trends in this post

One of the primary takeaways:

Despite a downward trends in total construction zone collisions nationwide, Florida has ranked year-over-year as one of the top three states for the most highway construction-related accidents.  The Florida Department of Transportation has acknowledged these dangers and has worked to implement strategies to counteract this trend. 

Sometimes improvements to roadways can be the solution to life-altering accidents, as made clear by the need for working traffic signals at this Parrish intersection.  Often, however, highway improvements themselves can significantly alter roadways, resulting in dangerous traffic conditions, crashes leading to injuries, subsequent insurance costs and premium increases, and too-often fatalities.

Bob Kelley and his legal team know the law relating to construction zone accidents and injuries.  They know that highway construction accidents can come about from any number of factors, including:

  • Improper or inadequate signage – The failure by those managing construction zones to spotlight road hazards caused by the project or any changed road conditions as a result of the project
  • Failure to obey safety warnings – In the event of existing signage, the failure by workers or drivers to observe and obey those precautions can create its own hazard and lead to accidents
  • Weather conditions – Roadways altered by construction projects may render inclement weather driving even more dangerous than usual, enhancing the risk of a collision
  • Distracted or drunk drivers – Other drivers and construction vehicle drivers can use intoxicating substances or become distracted, rendering a work zone even more dangerous than normal

Robert W. Kelley has a deep well of experience in construction accident law and can help you recover from those responsible, damage awards that reflect the complete picture of the harm suffered and the costs for optimal care on the medical side.   

The Florida Department of Transportation spearheaded the Strategic Highway Safety Plan to identify the types of crashes plaguing Floridians on highways and streets.  This is part of the State’s work to improve safety for those driving in Florida.  But as everyone knows, road improvements can create their own set of hazards.  It seems we read about construction accidents more and more. 

Beyond the catastrophic, high-profile events, everyday hazards are pervasive in construction zones. 

These can run the gamut from abrupt lane changes, narrowing from road work leading to sideswipes, sudden changes in highway conditions leading to braking and rear-end crashes, and any number of other possible dangerous events.  

On-road obstructions from work zones can take any number of forms; from compromised barricades to debris from the work zone.  A road’s grade may be significantly affected, or other drivers may simply be trying to rush through the construction zone to wherever it is they are going. 

Whatever the case may be, the risk exposure is significant when driving in construction zones, and accidents can have massive life, financial, and family impacts and long-lasting effects.

You and your loved ones are not alone in terms of risk and potential accidents, nor are you alone in terms of legal representation should that fate befall you.  Bob Kelley champions rights of victims of unsafe construction practices and locations.

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What Sets Bob Kelley Apart in Highway Construction Cases

When dealing with a highway construction accident, and particularly when searching for a construction accident lawyer, victims and their families are inundated with information.  This can come in the form of attorney pitches, insurance paperwork, and quick settlement offers thrown out by those responsible to try to make the problem go away. 

Bob Kelley and his team know that this can only amplify the pain, and even potentially create a new source of it. 

We choose to carefully assist our clients who are forced to navigate the post-accident process by first listening and only then taking action.  We listen to your preferences, your concerns, and your experience.  We listen to learn the harm you and your loved ones have sustained, who or what may be responsible, and how best to make you whole. 

Then, we take action on your behalf. 

We have investigators on staff who enhance our collective understanding of what went wrong, what caused it, who may have shirked their responsibility, and how that irresponsibility caused the harm our clients suffer.  We have experts in the field who have a deep understanding of construction contracting, necessary plans, and typical best practices for construction zone safety. 

We know how to carefully and accurately parse each unique event for signs of negligence, impropriety, or downright irresponsibility. 

We know what we are doing.  Bob Kelley’s Track Record speaks for itself; he does not jump at the first (typically grossly inadequate) settlement offer that comes along so he can hurry away to the next case.  No, Bob and his team have the experience to know when our clients’ damages and cases are being treated seriously, and when insurance companies or at-fault parties are attempting to escape their obligation to properly compensate those who have been harmed by their actions or omissions. 

Bob Kelley is negotiation-savvy but trial-ready, as any trial attorney should be.  Bob knows the highway construction safety laws and realities that are relevant to these accidents.  He understands the fault obligations of reckless drivers, the applicable safety responsibilities of construction contractors, and how and when to identify culpable faulty construction equipment.

Work With Counsel You Can Trust

We understand that losses can cause immediate and substantial harm and the effects of that harm can extend into the long term.  It is paramount to obtain sufficient compensation for the expenses associated with an accident and the financial fallout that accompanies an event like this. 

Compensation can help victims and families return to some semblance normalcy and provide a sense of closure following one of these events. 

A strong advocate in your corner will help you ensure compensation isn’t simply an offensive, bare minimum payoff from the closest willing insurance company.  Instead, we will fight to help you obtain damages that properly reflect the inconvenience, hardship, suffering, and loss that you or a loved one have experienced.

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